The Struggles Within

There is no such thing as a life that doesn’t know angst, sadness, and despair. These experiences are part of the human condition and every bit of this portion of our journey is an opportunity to learn something new and behave in a manner that takes us to an uplifted place. The reality about our life is that we start out with conscious intentions and then somehow let them slip away and we end up wondering what happened to shift the gears and land us in a place of disappointment. The path of life offers us many options and signs along the way, but that doesn’t mean we pay attention or are even ready to read them…oftentimes we just keep going along, right?

Especially with the holidays upon us, we are looking at the movies and stories and cards that present a picture of families that love one another, of people enjoying time together, of abundance and laughter and pleasure. However much those make us smile, they also bring tears to the forefront as we long for elements of it that are missing from our own lives.

Despair not.

If we are to be authentically happy, we need to find the time and space to focus on what we want and to engage in what will get us there. If you are a parent and your children (be they little ones or the grown-up edition) are bringing you agony, pain, anger, despair, then it is time to say — thank youThank you because their behavior is a signal for you to shift into a mindset that opens you to consider their actions are calls for you to take action to shape them into the human begin you intended for them to become.  

“Children Learn What They Live” is a book written decades ago and it delivers the very simple message that we create what is genuine and people learn from within it about how to think, feel, and behave. When people act out, there is a problem. When kids misbehave, there is a problem in the family dynamic that is prompting it to occur. This is not a blame game, it’s a truth about life and love.

People contact me daily to share their concerns about something taking place with their beloveds that is disruptive. I listen and observe and see the patterns. If you want your offspring functional, at their best, being very healthy, it is essential that you are. If you want to be at your best, you need to be genuinely right in your parenting and parenting is never a solo gig–somewhere there is another who coupled with you to make it all happen.  Their presence in the heart and mind of the child you share has impact, there is no denying this.

This winter, give yourself and your beloved The Gift of Love. Come to a program I am opening to provide a space for you to step into hearing why the dynamic between you and your co-creator is vital to appreciate. Whether you are together or separated in your marital arrangement, you need to come together to benefit your kids. This program teaches you how.

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We will be posting about it on our various social media platforms, sending e-mail newsletters, speaking about it on the radio, and networking the news. Here is what this program will entail.

Over 3 meetings, you will:

  1. Learn how to Build the Strength Within and Blueprint your life;
  2. Blueprint the well-being of your marriage and your offspring;
  3. Cultivate new pathways for effective communication with your parenting partner;
  4. Develop a fresh perspective about your children and how to reach them genuinely;
  5.  Gain access to your core abilities to empower your authentic leadership in your family.

We start with an opening event but we won’t leave you hanging, we will come back together twice more to achieve these results tangibly and get you into gears that propel you into effective relationships and allow you to be in a position to feel proud of your life and what you’ve created.
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Main Opening Event 10:00am – 3:00pm Saturday January 28th

First Follow Up Event 10:00am – 1:00pm Saturday January 11th

Second Follow Up Event  10:00am – 1:00pm Saturday February 25th

It’s the Christmas Season, it’s Hanukkah……gift yourself with what really matters–happiness, health, and joyful relations.

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