The reality of the struggle

Really, just one struggle? Shouldn’t it be about the multiple struggles that we each have? There is so much that we have to deal with — the delivery of life on a daily basis gets to be a bit much.


As we are now amidst the end-of-year holiday season, plus the darker days of winter, people get sad or SADD. True emotional shifts take place and we each struggle a bit as we allow Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year to roll in upon us. We are planning or are apprehensive about planning.  We are thinking about family and friends, friendships and love affairs, and the richness of them (or the lack thereof).  We aim for the dream and miss time and again. We fail, we falter, we almost reach it and get excited, but somehow it seems to be situated a bit over to one side or the other.

We need to use the foods of the season to provide comfort, and yet we also want to be aware of what we eat and drink so we don’t ruin our body or health over the winter. It gets complicated. Auuuggghhh.

What can you do?5212982646_8a75ced9a0_b

It is in my own process that I create the offerings I extend here–consults, books I’ve written, seminars to attend, the (BTR) show, our e-news and blogs,  and our events that take place over 2 – 5 days both in town and out of town (alongside our webinars). We are building a menu of items for you to select from so you can find what fits for you.

Right now, it is important for you to believe, more than ever before, in your competency and ability to make right of the things that trouble you in this life.  It begins in your mind and later impacts your heart. I want you to follow the steps below and write to me about where your challenges present themselves–seriously.

Ask yourself: amazing-animal-beautiful-beautifull

  1. What about this time of year makes my heart sad?;
  2. What about this time of year brings me joy?;
  3. How can I dial up the happiness and diminish the sadness?
  4. Am I willing to shift upwards in order to discover joy?;
  5. Will it help me to listen to Dr. Deb Carlin here and watch her videos and listen to her BTR show?

When you do these exercises, your mind hears what you are writing and saying–it is your self-talk. Your heart hears your self-talk. You need to align your positive desires with your self-talk and decide to upshift your inner voice. Do it; it will cause a baby step shift right away and that will trigger a ripple effect that will bring you a smile (at the very least).

Write your answers down, email them to yourself for review or to me for input at — it costs you nothing other than your vulnerability. And so what?  Vulnerability helps us open and find our true selves.

I want you happy, ready to celebrate your life, and ready for well-being. Take the journey beside me.b6682

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