The art of deception

When people speak of deception, it is most often in the context of what is taking place with someone outside ourselves. We look at the deceptive practices of lying and manipulating done by others. We see the other as deceptive and we label their behavior as evil or hurtful. We get frustrated with the belief that it is all done in the name of selfish gain.

That is only half of the formula, however.


The other percentage of the reality is that we each engage in this game with ourselves. We lie, pretend, do self-talk, have visions…all of which contains a certain element of stepping away from the truth. We hate it when we see others participating in this behavior because it is an unconscious cue that we are doing it as well.


Being a human being is not easy; it is a journey. We get tired of our lives and want things to be as we envision them. We look to the core of our being and can often deceive our own eyes and our own feelings.  We do this in the direction of both negative and positive inaccuracies. Being clear, honest, courageous, and lovingly critical is a difficult exercise.

The solution is to be quiet and calm in our everyday practice of self-review. We each need the moments of contemplation, meditation, prayer, and self-talk daily and across the course of the day. Zooming and rushing are counterproductive. We must acknowledge that we crave and thrive through inner reflection and gratitude as we sit. With these practices, we build upon an inner strength that is already present…it is beautiful and unyielding, it is our fortification and our grace.

Sit, my friend, allow the love to run through you…your lack of deception within your own self will make it much more difficult for others to bring their deceptions to you. Live in authenticity and you will invite1-1251132666t9gk

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