BSW YogaLates Event – May 19

YogaLates:  Learning to Build the Strength Within & Live It Happily

There is a mistaken notion in the wellness industry that a focus on one aspect of the human being leads to well-being. Not true. It is when we are truly wholistic in perspective and practice that we become the best version of ourselves.

YogaLates is something we invented to invite you into a special place where you focus on your:

  • mind and the tenacity of it
  • body and its ability to move easily and with a quiet mindfulness
  • physiology and your nutritional awareness and cooperation
  • social comfort and relationship capabilities
  • stressors and competency to be effective within them
  • faith factors and awareness of your placement in your heart for spirituality
  • and your overall eagerness for the best life possible in a guided manner

All of these components are what we have found to be reliable and highly credible topics in our life that, when managed intelligently and compassionately, result in a greater state of overall wellbeing. Our focus is wholism.

Let us help you LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE, WITH PURPOSE...mindful and authentically inspired and engaged.

BSW YogaLates Event  – May 19 & 20

Begins Friday, May 19 at 3:30 and runs to 9:00 PM

Continues Saturday, May 20 starting at 7:00 AM and runs to 3:00 PM

The schedule has a natural flow between times of:
the actual yogalates movement which is in 15 and 30-minute increments across the time together,
intermingled with ongoing noshing for mindfully healthy nourishment,
working through Build the Strength Within and Blueprinting your life,
talking openly about the process of living this best in your best ways possible,
and resting and writing, drawing and reflecting, in addition to meditating some very special relaxation exercises taught to Dr. Carlin by Harvard cardiologist Dr. Herbert Benson more than 30 years ago.

Foods, beverages, book, Blueprint, and writing devices included alongside a special packet of what we have determined will be most helpful in facilitating your experience.

Outcomes you can expect:

  1.  feeling physically better because you have stretched in new ways,
  2.  inspired by the new knowledge,
  3.  mentally cleared form stressors,
  4.  spiritually uplifted and relaxed,
  5.  physiologically lifted from the nutrients taken in,
  6.  socially relaxed from the engagement overall and productive dialogue,
  7.  motivated and ready for your new vision of your best self to unfold.Come join me, my journey is ongoing….for the remainder of whatever length of time this life is for me. I want full wellness, I crave feeling exquisitely healthy, happy, and fulfilled. I awaken each day with challenges, stress, annoyances….and just as many true blessings that run deep and are the life force for my spirit. No matter what else is happening, I put my mind and self-talk into a framework of gratitude–grateful for every joy and also every agony–both shall pass and I must remain intact. So must you! Join our event and you will be automatically renewed as a member of our Build the Strength Within group for a year–we will expose you to all sorts of ways to be groovy!

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