The Build the Strength Within Blueprint™

12 Week Online Course

This video series was created to give insight into what may be holding you back from success. Once you have an understanding of what is keeping you from living your best life you will be able to break through the obstacles. There are 4 unique segments in this series specifically designed to address different issues stunting your personal growth. These videos will help you find your inner strength and begin your journey of self-improvement.

The course includes:

Discounted paperback version of Build the Strength Within (BSW). This price won’t last long, take this opportunity to make the purchase. This book enhances your experience of the video series and, most meaningfully, within the back cover is tucked the BSW 2’x3’ Blueprint for you to use as you are guided through the program, transcribing exercises done within the book; you’re guaranteed to enjoy witnessing the evolution of your mind shifts and emotional changes as you grow through the course. Some of the activities include creative activities which will expand your mind, linking the right & left hemispheres of your powerful brain in ways that are powerful and productive. You’re developing the universe in that gorgeous head of yours. Click here to get your discounted copy.

Digital version of the BSW Blueprint™

Guided Walk through of the BSW Blueprinting Process™ one Self Assessment at a time

Build the Strength Withing Series 16 Videos

Build the Strength Withing Series 16 Audio

Section I

The Basics

In this first portion of The Strength Within video series Dr. Deb Carlin shares information regarding the importance of inner strength and personal achievement. Through personal stories and scientific support, Dr. Deb provides useful applications to assist you on your path to awareness, personal growth, and self-improvement.

  • Week 1: Brain Power
  • Week 2: Set the Stage
  • Week 3: The Magic Formula

Section II

Clarity & Application

Once the basics are done, the foundation has been laid and it is time to introduce the element of magnificence and dive into the real reasons we are all here and what we can do to make this life experience the best it can be

  • Week 4: Why This Journey
  • Week 5: Body Focus
  • Week 6: Portrait of You & Your Life

Section III

The Core

In this portion of the series, we enter into the most intimate terrain and expose the thoughts that every human experiences. Dr. Carlin shows you how to tap into the fears that hold us all back from having our best, richest, most impassioned life and provides you with helpful solutions.

  • Week 7: Language of the Heart
  • Week 8: Speed of Trust
  • Week 9: Fiscal Comfort Zone

Section IV

Taking It to The Next Level

This earthly journey is the tangible one but there is more to contemplate and consider. In these closing segments, you are invited to reach beyond what you now know and consider expansion of your mind, heart, and possibilities.

  • Week 10: The Faith Factor
  • Week 11: Connections
  • Week 12: Expectations


Special Invitation to the private Come Alive Now FB group where you’ll

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  • Connect with others invested in their well being, motivated to create their best life
  • Receive direct access to the Partners In Excellence Team

Course launches on October 15. Get ready!