Are you frightened?

Are you frightened? Of what? Of life? It happens to us all, but if you feel this emotional state constantly it will exhaust you. When people express feeling anxious or in a panic, fear is certainly at the core. The question is always about discovering what the center of the fear is based upon.

In the early stages of my training to become a psychologist, I spent years working in mental health facilities across a broad range from criminal, to locked unit psychiatric, to open facilities, and home care and office visit setups. I had ample time to observe, interact, and evaluate. I learned a multitude of rich lessons.

Although there are times to apply an actual diagnosis, there are many more times when it is prudent to hold back and look at the core of what is unfolding and examine what sort of issues are present that are solvable. Solutions can alleviate the internal dialogue and then alter the attitudes and behaviors. Anxiety is one such challenge.

At the core of anxiety is fear. Sometimes this fear is based on reality and oftentimes it’s based on misperceptions about current status and an impending threat that feels like doom. Thoughts of any sort are controlled by us; we can dictate them and thereby lead our emotions. However, for that to happen, we need to engage in mind control–this is vital for the mind and is the only thing in this life that we can control. It is ours.

If you are sitting here in a state of knowing anxiety and being intimately acquainted with fear, I invite you to ask yourself what it is based upon, truly and clearly at the core. If it is based upon old perceptions and blaming others, take one breath and ask yourself if you could have done anything to change the course of history. If not, the outcome is the one intended…the reality of this life taught you something of value, no matter what has taken place. And the journey of life is filled with deliveries of what is unfolding in the natural course of things; we are the recipients of what there is to attend to. It is in our ability to receive, experience, and process each delivery as a student invested in the learning, that we waterfall-stream-over-boulders come to omit fear from the formula.

This line of thinking is not dismissive about how tough, how intense, and how challenged this life can be….no. It is about healthfulness and hardiness and being a person engaged, not recoiled, vibrant not dull, happy and peace-filled not sad, sullen, and anxious. The steps to getting there and maintaining begin with the moments you allow for yourself in quiet…in morning meditation that invites you to center, to align, to open the day with an inner peace designed to serve you well in your brain and in your body.

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